BRAN CASTLE known for BRAM STOKER character DRACULA a Transylvanian count with castle located high above perched on a rock with flowing river below the Principality of BRAN. BRAM STOKER never visited ROMANIA. He depicted the imaginary DRACULA’S CASTLE  based on the description of BRAN CASTLE. THE FIRST  DRACULAS  NOVEL APPEARED IN ENGLAND 1897 by the IRISH WRITER BRAM STOKER. WHILE . VLAD TEPES  the ruler of WALLACHIA from 1456 to 1462 and the son of VLAD DRACUL II member of the ORDER OF DRAGON , ORGANIZTION THAT PROTECT CHRISTIAN AGAINST THE MUSLIM. VLAD TEPES according to some historian as blood thirsty ,ruthless despot.

All souvenir selling here in is all about DRACULA. However in the fall of 1462  after the army of KING MATEI CERVIN  captured VLAD TEPES was locked in BRAN CASTLE for two months The name of vampire Count Dracula in BRAM STOKER’S 1897 novel Dracula was inspired by VLAD’S patronymic and reputation.