Central Bus Station ,Warsaw is the capital and the biggest city in POLAND and ranked number six as the most populated city in the European Nation and in 2012 ranked as number 32 most liveable city in the world .

Old town , WARSAW became the capital of commonwealth and the crown of the KINGDOM of POLAND, when KING SIGUSMUND II VASA  moved from KRAKOW  to WARSAW in 1596. After the third partition of POLAND in 1795 WARSAW  was incorporated into the Kingdom of Prussia.Warsaw became the official capital of grand duchy of Warsaw. A puppet state of the French Empire created by NAPOLEON BONAPARTE in 1806.

This is the Presidential Palace .Warsaw regained is independence from foreign rule in 1918  and emerged as new capital of Independent Republic Of Poland.

This is the night scene here in WARSAW where you can do your window shopping in this area. 1980 UNESCO declared the OLD TOWN as World Heritage Sites.

The old town is also sorrounded by wall

This is the another entrance of the old town WARSAW.

KRAKOW,POLAND became popular in the world not only for their arts and culture also for the holocaust .In 1978 KAROL WOJTYLA  the archbishop of Krakow was elevated to the papacy as Pope Paul II . The first Slavic pope ever and the first non Italian pope in 455 years.

The OLD TOWN  was approved by UNESCO as WORLD HERITAGE SITE .2016 they will host the WORLD YOUTH DAY