July 27 , 1941 State Commissioner HINRICH LOHSE the ruler of Baltic lands and Belaruz made a guidelines on Jewish question public. Jews on his opinion , had to be used as cheap labor , paying them the minimum wages or by providing them with minimum food ration. In order to govern Jews. They had to moved on special place and they will forbidden to leave the area.But  WALTER STAHLECKER protested the idea of HINRICH LOSHSE and demanded that the extermination of the Jews to be continued.

This is the original factory they used during the NAZI invasion in 1941.  During that time they need to wear the yellow STAR OF DAVID on their clothes in order for them to buy their necessities . They are not allowed to ride the train and trams , parks ,watching movie and riding bicycles and they need to surrender all the jewelries, gold and silver coins.Under the leadership of ERHARD GRAUEL they start the mass killing of Jews. They killed 400 by firing squad on July 3 and 4  Then  July 8 they killed another 300 Jews executed by the SD and policeman . The killing continued till October 1941 totaled 35000 Jews.

THE TOP PICTURE IS THE  OSCAR SCHINDLER FACTORY,they demolished the original factory and make modern design and when you go inside only pictures and the written history of Holocaust of the Jews in Krakow and some of the original equipment of the factory. The krakow ghetto created under the NAZI occupation on March 3 1941 as compulsory dwelling of the city Jews. On the order of Dr. OTTO WATCHLER the district Gubernator of the central part of Podgory to give room for 17000 Jews to remain in the city  to work on the factory. The GHETTO was sealed off with high wall around and guarded by German soldier. The German authorities rigorously ration the food in Poland and they decreed that ghetto Jews might survive on a little 100 grams  of bread per day,and 200 grams of sugar per month. Ghetto Jews was crowded that Nazi decreed that four families per flat.All ghetto Jews required to wear arm band the Star of David for identification.May 30 1942 ghetto dweller without identification roughly 4000 was brought them in Belzec death camp to perish there and the killing continued till  December 1943 that killed more than threemillion Three hundred thousand Jews all over Poland.