The most photographed statue in the world, the little mermaid is a legendary symbol and landmark for Copenhagen. On this picture ,I was able to get closer because the water side here at Langenlinie promenade was frozen. She was the tourist attraction here in Copenhagen and visited by more than million tourist every year.The statue was made by Edward Eriken.On the beginning the sculptor had aready problem.The FIRST MODEL WAS MODELLED BY THE FAMOUS BALLET DANCER OF COPENHAGEN ,in the name of ELLEN PRICE and she did not agreed to model in the nude.The sculptor looked for another model and pick up his wife as the SECOND  MODEL and her name is ELINE ERIKEN .ELLEN PRICE MODELLED the head while ELINE ERIKEN MODELLED the body. And the statue was displayed on the top of the rock in 1913 . The poor little mermaid suffered three decapitation. First in April 24,1964 but never recovered and they make another head. Then June 22 1984 but the two young men returned after two days.January 6, 1998 the statue decapitated again but the culprit never found and the head was returned anonymously and attached on February 4 ,2004 . 

THE LITTLE MERMAID  one statue with two models.