From LIMA ,PERU it took me 23 hours of winding road on a first class bus with wide leather seat liked the first class on the airplane.No matter how good is the facility The driving is not comportable. The winding road give you the motion sickness from the first hour of crazy driving swaying from left and right.And you have the whole day inside the bus. The bus is equipped with plastic bag . After five hours some ladies starting to use the plastic bag. I know it’s gross and trying to control my self but around midnight trying to make sleep, then I can’t  control anymore then I start using the plastic bag too .On and Off till 8:00 in the morning.Cuzco is the site of incas capital from 13 century to 16 until the Spanish conquest. The background is the Basilica Cathedral was built between 1560 till 1564 And the Plaza de Armas or known as Square of the Warrior in the Inca Era. It have the elevation of 11,152 feet.

 There are three way to reach the top. From Cozco you will ride the bus up to the train station . Then you will ride the train up to the foothill , for your two hours walk up to the ruin .and the third is they will dropped you to the trail for three days hiked. 

MACHU PICCU Means Machu (old ) PICCU (peak of mountain) It was built for the estate of Incas Emperor Parachulli during 1438 to 1472 Then it was abandon after the Spanish conquest.In 1911 explorer Hiram Bingham rediscovered the ruin of Machu Piccu. In 1983 declared them by UNESCO AS WORLD  HERITAGES SITE .and 2007 declared them as one of the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD .