ST JAMES CHURCH, MEDJOGORGE CITY IN HERZOGOVINA UNDER THE REGION OF BOSNIA. Since 1981 this city become popular for all catholic devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary.There are million of people all over the world visiting this place. Hoping for miracle especially those people with terminal sickness.

MEDJOGORGE mean in between MOUNTAIN and there are two hills that the devotees need to climb.First the mountain of cross. People climbing all the way to summit and pray they don’t care the rugged terrain they need walk.

APPARITION HILL, This hill is the actual place where the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that was seen by six local children and according to the visionary that every twenty fifth of the month . The Blessed Virgin Mary is giving messages.This place is also very popular during the Lenten or Easter Day, where they have  passion of Jesus  Christ.the whole community is participating and they called it THE SENACOLO COMMUNITY.