The Camino de Santiago certificate. What is the special on this cretificate ? This certificate is free and issued by the Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Office upon your completion of your 764 km walk . This certificate can’t even use for credentials on your work . And why people doing it ?And there are some people are dying on the way to Santiago Cathedral .There are some memorial tombstone with flower and the date of their death on the trail to Santiago. For European this walk is a must to do in your life time that being practice since the medieval times.

Doing this walked is really amazing experience , you will learned how to appreciate the nature, test your determination. If you are going to think how much that are you going to walk the 764 km  it’s take your brain how to program your body to accomplish that distance. No matter how careful you are ,still suffered some minor injury such as blister and ankle sprain that test your determination to continue the pilgrim. But there are some good people who are there to encourage  and help you. This  picture was taken inside the shelter after the walking on a cold rainy day. We have fun while waiting for the food to be cook.