I’m not in Brazil , I’m just wearing that tshirt . Since I was in Singapore , I just took the bus going to Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia and curious to see the famous petronas building which become the land mark of Kuala Lumpur and featured in James Bond movie ,I had been to Kuala Lumpur longtime ago in 1973 when I competed for Asian Bodybuilding championship.its a big changes. The development of this countries is really very stable.When you go to the view deck  of petronas , you need a reservation but senior have the privileges to cut the line and have a discount. Then when you go down , same old thing SHOPPING anywhere you go shopping is cardio exercise  of the people.

From Kuala Lumpur ,I went to malacca then cross the border of THAILAND UP NORTH NAME SADAO. The border between Malaysia and Thailand is like bus terminal , a lot of people it’s seem that nothing going on but they really Che passport and stamp it.  That morning this is the thing I witness,that people on the street are kneeling down on the street and wait for the monk to give the blessing after that people are giving money or anything that monk needs on their every day life.

This is where I have my breakfast, even McDonald waiting to be bless.

And all employees too. This border municipality is more expensive than Bangkok .after three days I went back to SINGAPORE for my next trip.