WHY SINGAPORE IS SO EXPENSIVE. ? Comparing to its adjuscent neighboring countries like Malaysia and Thailand.Like this BAY  Casino which become engineering feats for the engineers to solved  that over extended overhang on the top the three vertical building supporting that surf board look a like.There is an entrance fee of forthy Singapore dollars to go up and enjoy the view of the whole city but you are not going to stand beside the the glass railing and you need to sit under the big umbrella and have a glass of beer and one is not enough.The glass of beer cost twenty three SINGAPORE  dollars. For one hour stay on the top your hundred dollars is consumed.

But when you are on the top , everything is really worth for your money.  Then when you go down from that building there is big casino with Las Vegas standard. On the other side is a giant mall where you can shop till you finish your credit  card all brand name signature items are offered. Everywhere is shopping for this small country.. Beautiful country that easy to access by metro rail and buses.


This is  their landmark. Make sure when you walk around to keep on mind that strictly no littering that will cost you five hundred dollars penalties  without exception. No smoking and no chewing gum.