SHWEDAGON KNOWN AS THE GREAT DAGON PAGODA AND THE MOST SACRED BUDDIST TEMPLE IN YANGOON, MYANMMAR. The stupa of the temple is layered with 24k  sheet of gold . In this poor country where most of the people are lucky to have three meals a day and I observed them when I was inside the temple that even that is the only excess money they have for that day still happy to donate to the temple.inside the temple all decoration are in gold color. Very clean and peaceful . They have four entrance ,and vendor selling all religious articles in every entrance. The outside you can see the aspect of life where the rich are rich and poor are matter what the city of YANGOON is very peaceful.

Everybody have this wether rich or poor, this juice that being extract from bark of a tree and let them dried on their face. They said to make them beautiful.and smell good too.

And for men this is their normal dress for everyday and they called it longee and for me it’s more on sarong.