If you heard the name PALERMO the first thing you will remember is the movie GODFATHER. But PALERMO is the capital of SICILY . The Godfather was born and raised here in Sicily and escaped after they murdered his brother and parents and comeback after several decade to kill Do Ciccio who is is the local mafia chieftain killed his brother and parents.

This movie is really classic, this time the son Michael hide in Sicily after he killed the police who tortured him.while he is here , he met a beautiful  local woman , but the father know is background and he don’t like Michael for her daughter.And Michael talked to the father and said DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A SON IN LAW  or DO YOU WANT YOUR DAUGHTER TO HAVE A DEAD FATHER, and the father answered  CAN ,I INVITE YOU FOR A DINNER.

In reality this city is very beautiful and peaceful,you can walk around the city and nobody will bother you.The city is very popular destination for cruise ship as you can see on the picture eating and drinking outside the plaza. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL here.