I was in Singapore when I met a girl staying on the same guest house and in the middle of the conversation she invited me to visit their home in Malacca. I told her my schedule is Kuala Lumpur and Myammar and going back I can do aside trip to Malacca to visit a famous person in Malacca.Actually I give her a surprised visit she though I’m  not serious when I told her that I’m going to do a side trip. She and her husband are really happy driving and tour me around Malacca. BOON LEONG the legendary bodybuilder here in Malacca. They honored him with a big statue in the middle of the park here in Malacca. He is 80+still strong and patiently attend me when I visited him.

Toh luan on the left ,the sister,Ed the husband,then the brother in law .This picture was taken at the house of her brother in law.The couple invited me to stay in their house for four days and I really appreciated their hospitality and enjoyed my staying in Malacca.Thank you very much Toh and Ed Luan.

You can enjoy touring around the Malacca river riding this colorful tricycle with amplified music.after Malacca Toh  give me a ride to bus station and I’m heading to cross the border in Sadao, Thailand.Thank MAVERICKBIRD  for giving me this idea.