Why this people volunteer to be nailed on  the cross every year ? Are they crazy , to be the star of that passion of Jesus Christ ? And. when  they nailed him ,he was scream that loud because of the pain he suffered or all the sin he carrying was being released, but he don’t have any choiced to back out and on the second nail he already accepted the pain , I don’t have the close up picture, but they have the big monitor, for everybody to see what is going on on the hill. And when they remove the nail , you can see on the monitor,how the blood from his palm sprouting from his palm. This scene is not that graphic that make people feel so gross except when they remove the nail. Andthey are doing this nailing on the cross  every fifteen minutes . I have some pictures that is so graphic for some people like those  people who are torturing themselves , hitting their body with small stick that being tied on a big rope and according to them if you loss some of the stick you are using and that will added a year on what you promised on what  they promised to do this every year, they need to to this early in the morning . I have some  picture that is very graphic or very bloodiest . If you want to see some of the  bloodiest picture I have  taken  just let me know .