Panglao resort, Bohol  I’m just curious to visit  Bohol because  most travel agencies endorsing that Bohol is better than Boracay , but when I visit it , it’s a duplicate of Boracay , even the set up of those bar on the beach are the same. The sand quality is the same white and fine. The worst thing here in Panglao , the bar and restaurant occupied the beach not like Boracay , that you can sunbathing  and have a big space to play on the beach.

From Bohol , I took this super ferry heading to Cebu City. It’s a pressurerized aircondtion cabin ,nice and clean with uniform stewardess that only took hour and half to reached Cebu City….

Cebu City beautiful city  very modern city ,carbon copy of Ayala everything in Ayala in Makati they have here because the builder here are the Ayala group.The city is rich in history where they have the duplicate cross that  Magellan brought when he discovered Philippines and the battle of Mactan where Lapu Lapu the chieftain of Mactan killed Magellan. But don’t enjoy the beauty of the city,you need to be very careful ,because they have too many pickpockets and scam that moving around the city. So be very careful when you walked around the city.

From Cebu to Camiguin I love this place very quiet place no night life here by seven everything  here is quiet. If you want to enjoy the island you need at least four days . You can rent a moped to tour the whole island and the nicest beach you see is a small island that can be reach five minutes by small boat.and the sweetest lanzones you can taste.Lanzones is a tropical fruit and the sweetest lanzones harvested here in camiguin.