If you want a quiet get away for weekend , I think Puerto Galera is the best place to go .  It’s only two. Hours away from Manila by bus to Batangas pier then one hour by local boat.You can choose a place you want , because there are two places to choose in the island if you love party you can book your self on the other side of the island while the other side of the island there is no bar on the beach and the only you can enjoy is the quietness  of the place and the beautiful sunset and in the morning you can see the fisherman pulling their fishing net the only problem is they abused the sea where they barely catches fish .Then at weekend they have some illegal cockfighting where they can enjoy betting for their favorite cock.and the castle was built by an Austrian  married to Filipina and they operate as hotel and restaurant And you if you want to hiked the whole day you can ask the help of local guide the native mangyan for very reasonable price .