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South Africa my nightmare waking up in the middle of the city center trying to get up with blurry vision and people passing by just staring on me without asking what happen why I’m lying on the street, not even one give me a hand to stand. I was shooting some old building in the city center with a lot of people,when I felt somebody jump on my back with stun gun,the electric shock was too strong that make me blackout and when I woke up I lost everything , my Nikon d90 ,apple tablet,my mp3, two diver watches, seiko, citizen and my passport.im a dual citizen.then I went to police station which is two bock away and report.i went to us embassy to get anew passport and I really appreciate their concern and that took less than an hour to get a new passport.

Now there is another problem because my connecting flight in Sao Paolo ,Brazil need Brazilian visa if I use my US passport but if I’m going to use my Philippine passport I’m not going to pay 200 dollars for visa.then from joanburgh , I went to Pretoria and went to philippine embassy to get a new passport and they told me that I need to show them my birth certificate. Their requirement is impossible and now when I’m ready to pay the 200 dollars Brazilian visa and they required the bank statement and i need to call my niece in California to fax my bank statement and if I go back to US embassy I’m going to spend more than 200 dollars for taxi. Since Im staying two kilometer away from philippine embassy , I tried to seek for their help, if I can use their phone and I’m willing to pay for all the minutes I consumes, their response is NO for the reason according to them it’s personal for three day I’m waiting outside their office waiting for somebody to go out and ask  favor if I can use their phone same answer and when you talk to themand the way theylook at me I can see on their face the face of sadis that they are happy on what happen to me they don’t have the concern instead the make it easier they make it harder forme and they are happy formy suffering and  I’m very happy to meet those young  ojt from German embassy and help me to solve my problem.

TO PHILIPPINE EMBASSY IN PRETORIA SOUTH AFRICA ,f………………..M………………………………………………………F. And I realized with this F…..Philippine government employees that ,if you don’t have the money, you will be like a dog roaming around the foreign land . Up to now still fresh on my mind those faces of those embassy employee F……… On them and karma will turn on them. But I’m proud to be Filipino that is why I called myself. PINOY TRAVELLER carrying the Philippine flag anywhere I go The first picture is former Gandhi s house,the second is the independent monument and the last is breakfast with those good young people from Germany .