I have been in Fujiara,Oman ,and several cties in United Arab Emirates ,and the most luxurious among of them is Dubai , breaking the record of the tallest building in the world with the height of 2722 feet . The Burj Khalifa while the Burj Al Arab is the only seven star hotel in the world and the last picture is the Atlantis hotel that was build in the famous man made island The Palm Island .On this island they built those luxury home.Ferrari, Lamborghini ,Roll Royce ,Bently are very common car for the rich resident of the palm island.but they still have problem in their area because the water on their dock still green because of algae that they trying to solve.

The whole dubai is all about business,they have the biggest mall all over ,that you need to ride the train to visit another mall.On my eight days here in dubai , I notice that there are more employee than shopper. The mall are super cold that is very comportable place to rest after the whole day touring.I travel like a local and most of the time I use the metro and inside you can feel the atmosphere of manila talking in Tagalog talking about their problem,gossiping and you can realized that they are not happy to be here and the reason they are here is just to finish their contract in my over all observation Filipino are being exploited especially those without legal paper.