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I start my walk from st jean pied de port in the Pyrenees of France  I start walking at 8:00 am . The weather is so cold and raining on and off.and ineed to accomplish the 27 km walk to reach the next albergue in rances valley ,Spain. The first two hours of walk is really amazing experience, the beauty of the small village of st jean pied de port it’s remind me about the sangria .but when you cross the bridge  dividing Spain and France and enter the forest trail , the only thing you can say is WOW the beauty inside the forest is really amazing experience I’m not really nature lover but when you are inside and connect to the nature everything is changes, the atmosphere is so quiet that you ca hear your own breath. And it’s so inspiring to write some quote that you can attach to all picture you can take,being alone in very quiet environment I was able to meditate and experience different that I really thank god for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this beatiful paradise and the rest hard to describe , the trail is slippery and rocky but the scenery inside the trail divert your attention without knowing you are climbing 21 kilometer going up before you reach the 1800 meter summit then another 6 kilometer very stiff trail going down.That day I though I’m going to quit for the reason that my thigh start hurting , that every step there is like an electric shock hitting my thigh and when I saw the sign 3 more km , before you reach the summit and it’s 5:00 pm then I decided to rest for fifteen minutes then keep massaging my thigh and drink my magnesium  to relax my muscle it’s getting dark and I need to reach the summit before the complete darkness otherwise I’m going to sleep on my ponchos under the rain that rest give me a good kick and start walking slowly because I don’t have flashlight to use.but I fought to reach the summit at 6:30 pm and barely see the trail and successfully reach it and I’m on the main road with some car to guide me to the next albergue . Then when I reached the monastery at 8:00 pm  my shoes are so wet.the monastery charge seven euro for that night, with a good hot shower and warm room.The first day is just like a test , if you don’t make the first day then you can’t make it.