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I’m here now at Liechtenstein one of the smallest country in the world life here is beautiful If you own a house you are really rich it’s small country with 24 square miles and it’s ruled by a prince not a king most of their agriculture here vineyard very expensive wine everything here expensive like food a small kebab and small bottle of water and will cost you 13 euro and if you want to drink more that will cost you 3.60 euro for small bottle of water the cheapest hotel is 93 euro because all hostel are close on winter and to make the story short all the expenses I spend its not really worth to see the placej but the scenery is really refreshing on my eyes but that is the Austrian alp. Do you see the castle on the top of the cliff that is where the prince live and the second is their parliament bldg. it’s raining here and windy that make the weather so freezing and the gusty wind make you walk like a drunk